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The economic situation of Lower Saxony: only a lower growth can be expected for 2015

(published on 06.11.2014)

The new "NIW-Konjunkturletter", which includes an assessment of the current and future economic situation in Germany and Lower Saxony, has been released.

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New Publication: Gender-specific Behavior of Parents already starts in Early Childhood

(published on 04.11.2014)

Several studies show that boys have a lower performance in the education system than girls. In order to investigate the causes of this phenomenon and its development over time, Thomas Mößle, Christian Pfeiffer and Dirk Baier from the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony (Kriminologisches Forschungsinstitut Niedersachsen, KfN) have released a collected edition with the title "Die Krise der Jungen" (The crisis of boys), published at Nomos Verlag. For this collected edition, Malte Sandner (NIW Hannover) and Matthias Schock (Leibniz Universität Hannover) have worked out an article with the title "Geschlechtsspezifisches elterliches Verhalten gegenüber Kleinkindern – eine empirische Untersuchung" (Gender-specific behavior of parents with small children – an empirical investigation). In their article they show that activities, which are beneficial for education performance of children such as reading to children, are done by parents more often with girls than with boys, already in early childhood.

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New Expertise on the Transportation Infrastructure and Regional Development in Holzminden-Höxter has been released

(published on 27.10.2014)

On behalf of the B240-initiative, Holzminden, the NIW has worked out an expert report on the regional development in the region of Holzminden-Höxter. Based on an empirical analysis of the regional development in Holzminden-Höxter, the expertise answers the question: "What will happen if the transportation infrastructure is not improved?".

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New Publication: The Home Visiting Program "Pro Kind" Improves Maternal Knowledge About Dental Health

(published on 17.10.2014)

Early childhood caries and its consequences represent a serious and unsolved problem in families with low socioeconomic status or immigrant background. This is a critical issue regarding the fields of public health and health economics. In the recent article "Oral health care promotion in early intervention – A randomized controlled trial", which has been released in the Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitschrift (German Dental Magazine), the authors Peggy Herrmann (MHH), Karen Meyer (MHH), Malte Sandner (NIW Hannover), Tanja Jungmann (University of Rostock), Alexander Rahman, Werner Geurtsen and Hüsamettin Günay (all MHH) exhibit that the early intervention program “Pro Kind” can be a preventive strategy against early childhood caries.

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New Publication: More Rigorous Use of Benefit Sanctions Increases Employment

(published on 13.10.2014)

The implementation of the "Hartz IV"-reform almost ten years ago lead to a change of paradigm in the German labor market policy: Instead of paying monetary benefits, personal responsibility is given a stronger emphasis than before. Furthermore, the integration into the labor market is encouraged and stipulated. To achieve these goals, it is possible to impose sanctions against benefit recipients if they fail to attend to their duties. However, the level of knowledge about the individual impacts of sanctions is still low. Thus it is difficult to deduce recommendations for action for labor market policy. Recently the paper "Intensifying the Use of Benefit Sanctions: An Effective Tool to Increase Employment?" was published in the IZA Journal of Labor Policy. In this paper the authors Bernhard Boockman (IAW Tübingen), Stephan Thomsen (NIW Hannover) and Thomas Walter (ZEW Mannheim) consider the question to what extent sanctions contribute to an increase of employment.

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New Publication: The Importance of the Meyer Werft for the Regional Economy

(published on 06.10.2014)

On behalf of the districts Emsland and Leer, the NIW has analyzed once again the importance of the Meyer Werft for the regional economy of the districts Emsland and Leer. The analysis is focused on effects on employment and on fiscal effects in the districts Emsland and Leer, in Lower Saxony und in the rest of Germany.

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Researchers of the NIW have been appointed to further Research Networks

(published on 02.10.2014)

Strengthening the visibility of the NIW in the scientific community is one of the objectives of our work. The expertise of the researchers who are working at the institute is emphasized by the current appointment to different research networks.

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New Publication: Reduction of University Preparatory Schooling from 13 to 12 Years Does Not Influence Development of Personality

(published on 02.10.2014)

The reduction of university preparatory schooling by one year has been implemented in nearly every federal state of Germany. One point of criticism in the public debate has been the potential negative effects on the complete development of the personality of the affected students. In their recently published article "Variation of Learning Intensity in Late Adolescence and the Impact on Personality Traits" in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society A, Hendrik Thiel, Stephan Thomsen and Bettina Büttner analyze this question using individual data which have been collected in the context of the reform in Saxony-Anhalt. The effects, which are identified by a control group approach, do not indicate a significant impact of the reform on the investigated personality measures.

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Press Releases

NIW führt Forschungsstelle Firmenpanel fort

Pressemitteilung Nr. 9/2014

(published on 21.11.2014)

Die "Forschungsstelle Firmenpanel Niedersachsen" der Leibniz Universität Hannover erforscht seit 1994 die Arbeitsmarktentwicklung in den niedersächsischen Betrieben. Seit 2002 informiert sie jährlich Wirtschaft und Politik über die Beschäftigungstrends im Bundesland. Nun übernimmt das Niedersächsische Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (NIW) die Aufgaben der Forschungsstelle. Dies garantiert, dass auch zukünftig wichtige Fakten und Analysen zum niedersächsischen Arbeitsmarkt aktuell und repräsentativ bereitgestellt werden können. Ein zusätzlicher Mehrwert entsteht dabei durch die Einrichtung eines Arbeitsmarktforschungsdatenzentrums im Landesamt für Statistik Niedersachsen (LSN).

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Nur noch leichtes Wirtschaftswachstum in Niedersachsen erwartet

Pressemitteilung Nr. 8/2014

(published on 14.10.2014)

Nach einem erwartungsvollen Jahresbeginn hat sich der konjunkturelle Ausblick für die deutsche und niedersächsische Wirtschaft in den vergangenen Monaten wieder eingetrübt. Für das Jahr 2014 rechnet das Niedersächsische Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (NIW) in seiner aktuellen Konjunkturprognose nur noch mit einer Wachstumsrate des Bruttoinlandsprodukts in Niedersachsen von 0,9 Prozent. Für das kommende Jahr wird ein Wachstum in ähnlicher Größenordnung (1,1 Prozent) erwartet.

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