New Publication: The Effects of the Redued High School Duration on Postsecondary Education Decisions

(published on 25.02.2016)

Most German states have recently reduced the duration of university preparatory schooling from 13 to 12 years but kept constant the curriculum. The objective of this reform was to enable an earlier start of university education (and, subsequently, of labor market participation). In the paper "How Important Is Secondary School Duration for Postsecondary Education Decisions? Evidence from a Natural Experiment", which has now been published in the Journal of Human Capital, Tobias Meyer and Stephan Thomsen investigate the question of whether the objective of the reform has been achieved. Thereby, they contribute to a better understanding of the relevance of the duration and intensity of upper secondary schooling for further education decisions.

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New Publication on the Innovation Impact of Spatial Cooperation Patterns

(published on 23.02.2016)

In the paper "Spatial cooperation patterns and their impact on innovation outcomes: lessons from firms in a low-technology region", which will be published soon in the journal European Planning Studies, Pia Wassmann, Daniel Schiller and Stephan Thomsen examine the innovation impact of cooperation patterns of firms in the German low technology region of Lower Bavaria.

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The Economy of Lower Saxony in 2016: Continuation of a Solid Upswing

(published on 22.02.2016)

The new "NIW-Konjunkturletter" informs about the past and future development of the economy in Lower Saxony and Germany.

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Regional Economic Effects of the Asse-GmbH

(published on 29.01.2016)

An expertise on the regional economic effects of the Asse-GmbH which has been worked out by the NIW was now officially presented. A main result of the analysis is that the economic activities of the Asse-GmbH and its suppliers had a nationwide impact on employment of approximately 1,700 jobs in the year 2014.

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niw info 2/2015

(published on 18.12.2015)

In the current newsletter we inform about research projects, personel changes and other activities of the NIW in the second half of the year 2015.

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Business Models of Contract Manufacturers in the German Pharmaceutical Industry

(published on 17.12.2015)

A new study has been conducted by the NIW on behalf of the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung and the IG Bergbau, Chemie, Energie (IG BCE) which analyses the sub-segment of contract manufacturers from a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Although contract manufacturers are of relatively high significance in the pharmaceutical industry there has not been any research in the field yet.

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